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Exterior Improvements

Residential Construction

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From basic pavement to blacktop and glaze – driveways, walkways, basketball courts, tennis courts and swimming pools. Let us work with you to help beautify your home’s exterior. Suitable for contemporary designed environments, you’ll find the polished concrete so easy to maintain in pristine condition. If this winning combination of the practical and the fanciful sounds like what you’ve been looking for, contact A.M. Pacific Construction for more information. Coming up with good deck and porch ideas can seem intimidating…

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Kitchen Flooring

Residential Construction

Projects customized to your specification!

With so much traffic in the kitchen it is importance to select a surface covering that has a high level of durability and stain resistance. There are some factors that home homeowners need to consider when choosing the flooring material. Along with comfort, design and cost, homeowners need to remember that spills do happen in the kitchen and it is important to use material that is easy to clean and maintain year after year. Linoleum and vinyl may be easy…

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Room Addition

Residential Construction

Additional space for your needs!

Room additions are a way to make your home fit the size that you desire and not have to sale or move. Room Additions will always increase the value of your home but there is another way to improve you space. A.M. Pacific Construction looks for space in all places and this includes storage spaces. We invite our customers to consider closets, cabinets and hidden spaces that can be utilized to increase the value of your living space. Cabinets are…

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Retail Offices

Commercial Remoding In Southern California

Quality Workmanship

We are dedicated to building offices requested by our customers to fit specific needs and create a design that is both efficient and economically sound. We know the importance of having an office that not only serves a specific business function, but also fits a company’s image. Retail construction enhances your business, whether it is a cosmetic upgrade or a completely new structure it is our goal to not only meet our clients’ expectations but to exceed them. Whether your…

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As owners and employees of A.M. Pacific Construction & Developments, we understand the importance of making your home or office as comfortable as a new wardrobe or a luxury automobile.

Everything needs to feel right. As a homeowner there may come a time when you have a desire for more room or perhaps a different environment. You may want more interior space to be comfortable in your home for as long as you live in your home. When the feel the time for change or expansion has come, we can help.

We at A.M. construction are proud to provide the assistance needed to create your living and working environment while considering the affects of the global environment.

From the design stage to completion, it is our mission to have our entire team listen and attend to all of our customer’s renovation needs and dreams to meet their budget.

Our environment’s safety is one of our main priorities; we are dedicated to protecting the environment and promote the use of environmentally friendly remodeling materials.

We also know that in today’s tough economic climate, it is important to invest every penny wisely whether facing an expensive project such as bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling or adding a room. We can help with both residential needs and commercial projects. We want to make homeowners happy inside their home by creating addressing your needs inside your home as well as outside.

As bonded and licensed contractors we can also help business owners create an office space to help a business grow and succeed.

Call us and let us provide you with options for your needs and desires. We will provide a range cost options for your remodeling request.

When done properly remodeling is an investment and you want to allocate every cent wisely. We are here to help you make your dreams a reality.

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